I just watched the news about the bomb that exploded at House of Representatives Manila where as of the moment 4 had already died including a congressman. According to the news the target was the Basilan congressman who died.

Just over a month ago there was another explosion that hit Glorietta Makati. I cannot remember how many people died but the images of the exposion left a tremendous impact on many people including me. Up to now it’s still not clear what trigerred last month’s exposion. The police said it came from an LPG tank but some people have disputed that.

Another blast happened days ago at our neighbor city of Bacoor Cavite. 5 people died there and several houses was damaged the cause of which are the blasting caps being manufactured by one of the victims.

How could all this things happen lately? And most importantly, why? How could many innocent victims suffer from all this? All the exposions have one thing in common – innocent victims died and the loved ones of this victims are left with all this questions running through their head – why does it have to be them? I guess no one could really answer that question. The best thing to do is pray and just live your life to the fullest. You wouldn’t really know when your life will be cut short…

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