This afternoon I received a phone call from my husband and everytime he calls me I get all giddy and excited! He actually calls me 2-3 times a week and eventhough sometimes they’re at sea, he makes it a point to call eventhough it’s satellite and when you say satellite you’re talking about expensive calls! I told him that I understand if he doesn’t call me much often coz he’s still new on board and he’s still saving up on those calls for me. He said that he just misses me so much and he doesn’t care about how much he’s gonna spend on those calls as long as he’ll be able to hear my voice… aaawww! Now I’m kilig na!

Actually we’ve been like this for 2 years already, being together just 2-4 months a year. Now I’m getting used to it(that is being far away from each other most of the time). But we both agreed that this wont be for a long time. We just need to save up for the house that we got and of course we really wanted a kid of our own. It’s just so hard being your husband a seafarer and not yet having a kid. The time is running out(that is my biological clock) and when he goes home we only have, what? 2 to 4 months of trying? My OB said that it’s still possible we just have to be positive and always trust in Him. If a child of our own comes, it will come. I leave it up to Him, He’s the only one who knows what’s good for us and I’m in no way questioning it.

Inspirational Words of Wisdom for today: "Listen long enough and the person will generally come up with an adequate solution." ~ Mary Kay Ash
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