I would like to inform you that it is my deepest regret that we would not push through with our planned trip to Enchanted Kingdom tomorrow due to very bad weather here in the Philippines!(see picture above) i'm very disappointed but what can we do? we re-scheduled our trip next week(Nov.30) which is a public holiday being Bonifacio Day. it is also the last day of the promo. i hope by this time the weather becomes good or else.... wala lang malulungkot ako :(

i'm very certain that if we pushed through with our plan next week there would be lots of people going there, first because it's a holiday and then second it's the last day of the promo! haay i really hoped matuloy na talaga next week coz i think i will be busy na this december. and december is already a holiday rush here. i'm not yet done buying gifts for my inaanaks and family and also i still dont have a blouse to wear on our christmas party. hmm, just thinking of it all i already feel stressed out!

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