i've got a terrible cold today(as usual) not really a good start and it's already my last night at work(yahoo! buti na lang). this morning when i got home the weather was really hot but as i prepare to sleep at around 11:30AM the rain suddenly poured. i had a very good sleep coz the weather was a bit cold i was just glad that it was not hot coz for sure i wouldnt had a good sleep if it was hot.

i tried calling Smart customer service for i dont know how long and i'm getting pissed coz it's always busy. i thought i was lucky enough when i reached the operator but i had to wait and hear their stupid background music for a customer service representative to attend to my needs! the background music just played and played and i got tired of waiting that i just hanged-up. i just dont get it they say that they have a 24-hour hotline but most of the time no one answers their phone! what's up with that? i never encountered that when i subscribed to Globe before and i must admit that i made a huge mistake going back to Smart! how stupid can i get sometimes huh? now i've been trying for 3 hours now and STILL the background music plays.... haay naku, the reason why i was calling is to know if my husband has a signal coz i sent him a load worth P300 and he's still not replying to my texts. i already texted my kuya(they're together at the ship) so that he can relay my message to my husband, i hope he'll text me na. so i guess i'll have to wait a little bit.

anyway take a look at my pic here at work(taken today)...

Inspirational Wisdom for Today: "Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need." ~ Kahlil Gibran

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