I watched one of my most favorite TV shows ever and that is “The Amazing Race Season12” last Monday(Nov.5) and all I can say is WOW! It hasn’t lost its touch, I mean it’s still taking me to the edge of my seat which is pretty good coz that means it will be a great season not like the previous one(The All-Stars) which is a bit disappointment. I still don’t have a clear favorite as to who I will cheer for but some of the teams are interesting like “The Dating Goths” and the Asian father-daughter team. I was just sad that the first team who got eliminated are the bestfriends from Cali coz just when I’m liking them they got the boot! I think the donkey did them the damage coz he just wouldn’t walk! Plus karma played the part coz they stole the taxi of Ronald & Christina(the father-daughter team). Hmm that’s sad… anyway I’m pretty excited for next week, another interesting EP come Monday. I think I’m gonna check out some spoiler sites for some dish on who stays and who goes.

K, c yah!

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