Yesterday my mother and I went at my kuya’s agency to pick my kuya’s padala to nanay which is money(it’s his birthday gift to her). We met with his co-worker at around 9AM and we didn’t waited long, he was prompt(actually we were the one who was late due to the heavy traffic!) unlike most of my husband’s colleagues whom I met before. The worst was when I met the guy at his agency who arrived 3 hours late! If it weren’t for the money that my husband sent I would’ve walked out from him since I don’t have much patience especially if it comes to waiting!

Anyway after that, as we walked towards LRT Station to catch the bus going to Cavite my nanay noticed an ukay-ukay store and told me to check it out. The store has tons of clothes from blouses, t-shirts, jackets, shorts, pants, bags, shoes etc. I wish I could fit all of them coz there are really many good finds! You just have to be very patient and you must be able to withstand the heat coz it’s just too hot in there! AYUN after almost an hour I purchased 5 sleeveless blouses and nanay bought a blouse and a handbag! For P125/blouse I was able to buy 5 for P625 lang! if you have P625 and you’ll go to the mall chances are you’ll be able to buy only 1 or 2 the most. See I really did get a bargain huh? Well some people wont even go to an ukay-ukay store, their reason ranges from “you don’t know who wore that dress” or sanity issues but for me I really don’t care! If I really liked the dress I would buy it coz it’s cheap and it’s still ok to wear. It really doesn’t matter coz lalabhan mo din naman so my advice for those who have some reservations on buying at an ukay-ukay store, if it fits you right or makes you look good on it then buy it!

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