Hello readers and fellow bloggers! I finally saw yesterday the movie of john lloyd and bea entitled “One More Chance” . it’s about two ex-lovers, the guy who was trying to cope the difficulties of losing the woman he loves and the girl, who broke up with him coz she was starting to lose her own identity finds her worth as an individual after the break-up.

Superb movie! (Still) great chemistry between the two actors! Both are really good even the support ones. i love how the movie presents the different sides of both characters, Popoy(John Lloyd) being a controlling, inconsiderate and a very clueless boyfriend, so clueless that he even doesn’t know what Basha wants. Basha as a very passive and martyr girlfriend (5 years is so long to even stuck with that kind of guy!) but nevertheless finally had the guts to break up with the guy who controlled her life. The twists of the story came when Popoy finally moved on and was over Basha by having a girlfriend, I mean a rebound girlfriend of his own.While Basha having seen Popoy better than the last time she saw him(he was a complete mess!) was confused as to why does she seems to be hurt by the fact that her ex have another woman in his life when she was the one who broke up with him in the first place! And so Basha told Popoy how she feels and the guy's now torn between the two women in his life. But soon Basha and Popoy realized that the love they had for each other never completely died, they just needed to grow up and the separation made them realize their mistakes(especially Popoy).

There’s just so many memorable scenes in the movie. One particular scene that I like is when Basha confessed to Popoy that she still loves him and wants him back, but Popoy told her that she loves his present gf telling her “she had me at my worst, you had me at my best!” medyo teary eyed na ko nun huh! Another scene I like is when Popoy picked up Basha coz her car broke down once again and she was so happy to see Popoy but soon realized that he was with Trisha(his present gf). You could really see the hurt Basha was feeling at that time.

So my verdict? Go see the movie! It’s not the typical John Lloyd-Bea movie na pa-tweetums and pa-cute! They’ve really matured a lot as actors, they even have a bed scene for the first time! But for those die-hard fans I’m warning you that the ending was quite not what I expected, parang yun na un? yun lang?

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    Ivy Sterling said...

    Hmmm this is interesting, i wish maka watch sad ko ani na movie.
    Happy weekend cel.be safe

  1. ... on November 24, 2007 at 10:33 PM  
  2. Chalyza07 said...

    hi Cecil, but ka pa girl na watch mo na tong movie na to. As i said in my blog i'm dying to watch it. puro lang previews nakikita ko..hay! Anyway thank you for sharing this a a little of this movie.
    Have a good day! I will added u now.

  3. ... on November 25, 2007 at 3:11 AM  
  4. Rosemarie said...

    hayyyy..i will surely watch this movie too.

  5. ... on November 25, 2007 at 11:31 AM  
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