Well well well... here i am again on my nth blog site(he he he) pondering on what to type(or tell?) about my life or the things that matter to me. actually i'm not an expert blogger(i'm really not that good in english but i'll try to communicate on the simplest words that i could express). i just like to write eventhough sometimes i wish the words would just come out freely as i type here. i'm really not good at expressing myself, i'm often misunderstood(like sabi nila mataray or masungit daw ako) for reasons i dont really know why. anyway i hope i could gain some friends here and find some people that i can share my interests with.

ok so may i introduce myself? i'm Cecil from Cavite. i'm already married for almost 3 years now, no kid yet but we're trying(as in REALLY trying!). i'm 35 years old and working at a semiconductor company. my husband is a seafarer and he's currently on duty. he'll be gone for 10 months which makes me SINGLE for now... yahooo!!! just kidding of course i'll always be married :)

k, time to go for now. still dont know what to write,ok... ciao!

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