do you sometimes feel that there's just so much you want to do but just couldn't due to many circumstances that is out of your control? just like me, i've been having dreams of my own- for myself, for my husband and my family. but most of this are just simple things i want to get done but couldn't. but i'm hoping soon or in the near future i'll be able to make some of it come least before i die. here's what i could think as of now(not in particular order):

Go to the most romantic city in the world – PARIS!

Go to Disneyland! Doesn’t matter what country but most probably it would be Hongkong!

Bake my very own chocolate cake!

Have the best massage I could experience!

Waking up and seeing the sun rises

Scuba dive and see all those beautiful fishes

Do sky dive or bungee jumping(I’m really not sure on this one but I really want to try)

Play Pachelbel Canon on the piano (eventhough I don’t know how to play one)

Drive a car…

Take photography class

Go to Tagaytay with my husband and spend a romantic night there

Spend a whole week with all my family on the beach and just chill out there

Eat a lobster

Enroll on a cooking or baking class

Decorate my own house according to my preference

See Leonardo Dicaprio in person

Give my husband a child(this is the most important one for me!)

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