As I write here it’s still raining very hard here in Cavite. I’m getting worried coz according to the weather forecast at Yahoo it would be cloudy come Friday but I’m not counting on it since the weather nowadays is very unpredictable. Well for your info, me and my friends from work are going to Enchanted Kingdom on Friday. I’m very excited about it since the last time I went there was 10 YEARS AGO! Yes you read it right! But my excitement’s now being replaced with worry coz I don’t want it to rain on that day since raining will surely spoil the fun that we will have!

The reason why we’re going to EK is that they have this ongoing promotion wherein they will rollback the entrance price from P600 to P380 which was the original ticket price when it opened 12 years ago. The catch is to avail of the discounted price you have to purchase any Pepsi-Cola product stub worth P50 which makes it a total of P430! Still not bad considering that you can save at least P170(pang-meryenda na rin un noh?).

I’m gonna post our pics there maybe this weekend, sana lang talaga matuloy kami!(fingers crossed!)

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