I really love watching movies about women who makes a strong impression. Women who are strong and makes a man cry literally. It inspires me to know that I can fight back for my rights as a woman and that I can do something even better than a man does. It’s really not a gender issue weather a man is better than a woman, just thinking and feeling that you can fight back for yourself and makes you feel good about yourself is enough. So here are some of the movies that I can say I really can watch over and over again and never gets tired of it!:

KILL BILL – Uma Thurman surely knows how to kick serious butt on screen! Coming from a coma, she seeks revenge on everyone who done her wrong including the father of her child. I loved her fight scenes with Lucy Liu and before that the famous sword swinging and swooshing fight scenes with all the Japanese allies of Liu! It was really a well made film!

MR. AND MRS. SMITH - Love Angelina Jolie here! She definitely doesn’t need a Brad Pitt to help bail her out when danger comes in. She’s a strong woman who knows how to take care of herself so move over Brad don’t you dare mess up with Mrs. Smith you can’t take her out that easily!

ENOUGH - Jennifer Lopez was a battered wife who became physically abused when she learned about her husband’s infidelity towards her. She left him with their daughter but the husband just wouldn’t let go of her so she made a decision to fight him back. I love the final fight scene! She really was smart and really prepared her plan. She really outsmarted her abusive husband, good for her!

BRIDGET JONES’ DIARY - Bridget Jones made it clear that being single and fat is just ok! This is my favorite Renee Zellweger film! I love the part when she was invited at a dinner with all the other couples and she was just the one without a partner on her side, I can’t remember her exact line but she surely rocked that scene! She’s really a strong willed woman and I like her!

THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS - Jodie Foster as Clarice Sterling made me want to be an FBI agent! She was really smart and very brave when she faced the intelligent serial killer Hannibal Lecter. I mean I couldn’t possibly have the courage to face him, I’ll be scared to death! And how she solved the final mystery of the wehereabouts of the other serial killer was just brilliant! Too bad she didn’t reprised her role on the sequel, she’s just too good for it!

Hi there! So how's your weekday doin'? Me, nothing much it's just work, work and more work then just sleep at home after that. Sometimes I feel that I'm so stressed out that I just want to relax and take a leave but I cannot possibly do that now although I wanted too coz I'm saving up my leave credits when my husband comes home. I'm planning to have 1 month leave I just hope it won't be much of a problem with my supervisor. I've been working almost half of my life and sometimes I feel so burnt out that i really wanted to resign from my present job and just be a fulltime housewife. Now I'm giving myself 2-3 years and that's it! I'll probably just have a business of my own most likely baking cakes but then I still have to enroll myself first to have a business like that. I inquired about Heny Sison's school but the tuition fee's so steep! I really can't afford that right now with us still paying for the house and also me and my husband still trying to conceive, but in time, I HOPE it can happen!

Hey it's sunday today, hope all of you have a wonderful time with your respective families. so I'm leaving you with a imikimi graphics from Adriel, hope you like it! Take care you all, ciao!

imikimi - Customize Your World

I was able to catch the replay of The Amazing Race Season finale last Monday and I must admit that I was disappointed that Ronald and Christina lost to TK and Rachel. I mean they were so consistent being No.1 on the previous legs and when it came to the most important part of the race, well they succumbed and failed to catch up. Actually Ron/Chris was not my favorite team but since Nate/Jen got eliminated and settled for 4th place I have to choose a 2nd best team to win. Ron/Chris was very smart and always chooses the right tasks that’s why I thought they really deserved to win. I really thought they would but Tk/Rachel never gave up and I must admit that it was pretty close up until the last roadblock wherein the 3 teams was neck and neck without anyone being left behind that far. Eventually Ron/Chris lost and well life must go on…

Below is the rundown of each season and which teams won and which teams I liked lost. I think it’s not that bad since I got 4 out 5. Maybe next season I will get lucky and make it a tie…

Fave Team - Reichen/Chip
Winner - Reichen/Chip
Fave Team - Colin/Christie(2nd place)
Winner - Chip/Kim
Fave Team - Freddy/Kendra
Winner - Freddy/Kendra
Fave Team - Brian/Greg(6th place)
Winner - Uchenna/Joyce
Season8 (Family Edition)
Fave Team - Linz Family
Winner - Linz Family
Fave Team - Joseph/Monica(4th place)
Winner - BJ/Tyler
Fave Team - Tyler/James
Winner - Tyler/James
Season11 (All Stars)
Fave Team - Oswald/Danny(4th place)
Winner - Eric/Danielle
Fave Team - Nathan/Jennifer(4th place) and Ronald/Christina(2nd place)
Winner - TK/Rachel

Awards given to me by Norm and Lisa. Many thanks to you guys for thinking of me!!! Here they are:

Now I'm passing this awards to: Eds, Roxannee and Leah.

Another long overdue tags from Norm, and again my apologies for not doing it right away. Anyway thanks a lot Norm, really appreciate it!


Now i wanna pass it to: Retchel, Summer and Mari. Now go and grab it!

A real friend must be cherished beyond all worldly measures and shine brighter than gold and last longer than diamonds. A compliments day meme from a beautiful sexy friend Norm, thanks again for sharing me this and love to pass this to: Joyce,PinayLoveStories and Kathycot.

Got a long overdue tag from Butchay and Ging, sorry late na, i hope you won't mind very busy kasi this past few days....
So, the deal is to..........

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Heath Ledger is dead. I’m really sad of what happened to him and especially for his daughter who will grow up without his love and guidance. Up to now it’s still not clear what caused his death due to the result of the autopsy is inconclusive and it would take at least 10 days to know more about it when the result of more tests are expected to be complete.

I am not really a fan of his but I know that he’s a good actor. I was able to watched Brokeback Mountain and he was really good there! It was just a big disappointment that he lost on the Best Actor category on Oscars that time. I remembered before watching it that I would feel uncomfortable watching 2 men kissed but I suddenly found myself rooting for them(the 2 leading men) to be together in the end. That’s how convincingly they portrayed their roles.

And now I’m googling every single day since his death about the latest developments about him and last time I checked Michelle Williams and their daughter are already in New York. I can just imagine how much she ‘s devastated right now. I hope that his family will come to terms with his death and recover quickly and that the media just leave them alone just like Heath's father said, let them grieve privately.

So long Heath, may you rest in peace! He will never be forgotten, his movies can attest to that.

Hi! Got this from Imikimi where you can add your pics and customize it whichever way you want. there are many available templates to choose from and it's so easy to use! go check out their website, it's so cool!

imikimi - Customize Your World

At last the birthday party of Adriel comes to an end last saturday January 19 at a nearby clubhouse with all of our guests(i hope)leaving happy and had a wonderful time!

The party started at around 4PM already(although the invitation says 3PM). There are 2 clowns who went multitasking by doing the face paint, magic and being also the hosts. The other clown(can't remember which one) was really talented coz we all love the face paint that he did to the kids and also the adults(including me, he he). They were also very funny which made the party more enjoyable. Dianne, my sister the mommy, was very busy by being the hostess while the likes of us just sat and listened and watched while the clowns entertain the kids. We particularly liked the chocolate fountain with many varieties like marshmallow, bread sticks, apple, etc that you can dip with the overflowing chocolate. It was delicious! There were also a sorbetero on the side that gave dirty ice ream to everyone.

At around 6:30PM Adriel blew hist first birthday candle(well actually it was Dianne who blew the candle coz he still doesn't know how)then immediately after that was the gift opening and lastly closing prayers courtesy of his grandfather Pastor Boni. The party ended at around 7PM and we were very tired but we enjoyed every minute of it.

Here are some of our pics. Take a look of all the pics HERE!

Adriel's Cake

Kids on costumes with Adriel as Batman
Adriel's tarpaulin

I've been a fan of The Amazing Race(a reality program from CBS wherein a team of 2 embark on a race around the world for $1 million)for 5 years already when I first chanced upon it on Studio23 during its Season4 premiere. I loved how they try to outrun each other and arrive at the pitstop first. I became more and more engrossed with watching it on Season5 when they stopped in the Philippines! I really loved that episode with the carabao when Colin had a meltdown due to that very difficult task. And so, now they're on their 12th Season already and next monday is already it's season finale with the final 3 teams trying to win the million dollars! I hope Ronald & Christina wins although i don't like Ronald, Christina is just smart and very patient with her dad. I'm so excited! 3 days to go!!!

And now let's go with another version of The Amazing Race which is Asia! When TAR Asia premiered last year, honestly I didn't liked it coz the teams suck(including the tandem of Aubrey Miles and her friend Jackie which by the way was the worst racers ever!) and it was just plain blah! I didn't cared to watch anymore after 3 episodes. But now on its 2nd Season, the reality show seemed promising with the inclusion of 2 very interesting teams from the Philippines- Marc & Rovilson and Henry & Teri. Marc & Rovi are a very strong team! Up to now they dominate the race having one 7 first place finishes already! But that cannot be said with Henry & Teri whose constant bickering became too tiring already. Not to mention Henry's crying which I really can't stand watching! I'm really glad they're eliminated just this last ep. Now 5 teams remain, who will be eliminated next?

Got this tag from Rosemarie. Thanks a lot sis! It's all about blogging. Here it goes:

How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging for almost 5 years already. I started with angelfire then livejournal then blogspot. I already closed my other 2 blogs coz it's only now that I became serious on blogging, before kasi no one knew I had a blog.

What inspired you to write a blog, and who are your mentors?
I just like to write and express my feelings through blogging and of course my experiences in life inspired me to write a blog.

What are the 3 things that you love about being online?
Keeping in touch with my family and friends, gaining knowledge and meeting new people.

What are the three things that you struggle with in the online-world?
Having to understand the many things you could do to earn online. Honestly speaking up to now I'm still struggling to learn what's google adsense! Another is not knowing what is true or false when reading be it on e-mail or news coz you really don't want to believe everything you read on the internet!

Now it's your turn! Jhona, Retchel and Pinay Love Stories

Got this quiz from blogthings. It basically tests your basic english and I'm happy to know that i got perfect on this! Hey take the test too, it's really fun!

You Scored an A

You got 10/10 questions correct.

It's pretty obvious that you don't make basic grammatical errors.
If anything, you're annoyed when people make simple mistakes on their blogs.
As far as people with bad grammar go, you know they're only human.
And it's humanity and its current condition that truly disturb you sometimes.

So it's been raining all day here in Cavite, it's very cold and I thought about cancelling plans with Dianne on going to Kyle's party needs yesterday to buy toys for Adriel's birhtday party but decided to push through coz we just don't have much time since it's my dayoff and our schedules don't match so eventhough it's raining pretty hard we evetually met at Kyle's.

So we bought toys and candies for the loot bag and also toys for the prices on the games which she's gonna have. The toys are very cheap there! Some are even priced at P10 each! Can you imagine that? In the end we carried 2 big plastic bags full of toys! We stopped by at Lariosa's Catering to settle some stuffs like balloons, name tags, party hats and paid for the down payment. Dianne also got the contract for the party. It's too bad that the caterer informed us that we cannot have a "pabitin" at Palm Grove clubhouse coz there's no place that they could hang it.

Anyway we got home at about 5:30PM and we immediately stuffed the loot bags with the candies and toys so that we won't cram at the last minute doing that. Adriel just innocently looked at us and just played without even knowing what we're doing. He didn't know we're all ga-ga over his 1st birthday party! We're all so excited for next week, hope it won't rain like it's been raining now!

This tag came from Ging, wow it's very long but it's ok i really like answering the questions here. It's like a slambook minus the "who is your first love or what's ur favorite motto, he he. Anyway here are my answers:

1. What time is it
2. What's your full name
►Cecil De Jesus
3. What are you most afraid of?
Losing someone that I love
4.What is the most recent movie that you have seen on bootleg
5.Place of birth
6.Favorite food
►sinigang na baboy, tinola, chicken curry
7.What's your natural hair color
►Dark brown
8.Ever been to Freak Nick
9.Ever been skinny dipping?
10. Love someone so much it made you cry
11. Been in a car accident?
►Something like that, actually it's a jeepney accident
12. Croutons or bacon bits
►Bacon bits
13. Favorite day of the week
►Friday, Saturday and Sunday
14. Favorite restaurant
15. Favorite Flower
16. Favorite sport to watch
17. Favorite drink
►Iced Tea
18. Favorite ice cream
►double dutch, coffee crumble
19. Warner Brothers/Disney
20. Ever been on a ship
21. What color is your bedroom carpet
►dont have a carpet
22. How many times did you fail your driver's test
►dont have a driver's license, yet...
23. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail
24. What do you do when you are bored
►surf the internet or update, update and update my blog!
26. Who will respond to this survey the quickest
►dont know
27. Who will least likely respond
►hope none
28. Who is the person that you are most curious to see their responses
29. Favorite TV shows
►too many to mention but my all time favorite is The Amazing Race and Friends!
30. Last person you went to dinner with
►my mother
31. Park or Zoo
32. What are your favorite colors
►blue, white and black
33.How many tattoos do you have
34. How many pets do you have
35. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg
36. What do you want to do before you die?
►so many! i think i wrote a post on that one. please check my post last november
36.Have you ever been to Hawaii
►oh not yet but how i wish!
37.Have you been to countries outside the country
►yes. Singapore and Taiwan
38. How many people are you sending survey?
►I am tagging 3.
39. Time this survey ended

Now I'm gonna tag: Chalyza, Kathy and Tina!

So I decided after much careful consideration that I will try to make money by blogging. I just read so many good stuff about it through browsing other blogs and I was inspired by them and I thought why not give it a try?

So I already set-up an account at paypal and blogsvertise also approved my membership although I'm still under probation due to my blog hasn’t reached 60 days of existence. That's my initial mistake since I haven't read about it when I signed up on them. But they still assigned some tasks for me that I must do which is one of the things that would get me off that probationary status. I will still get paid but at a reduced rate. After my blog reached 60 days I must contact them again and they will review again my blog and may approve it on normal status.

I'm really excited to sign up on other money making sites through blogging, I just have to wait till February since all of them requires that a blog must be older than 3 months. I'm not really expecting to earn mega bucks from this, I really don’t want to have high hopes but earning extra money from this is not that bad right? Well wish me luck!

Business owners nowadays are not confined on having a store that a customer can walk to but as technology moves ahead so as businesses online. You can find more and more merchants online accepting credit cards on website using a billing/payment solution that it's so easy for you to buy anytime and anywere you want.

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So why don’t you fill up the merchant account application form now and double up your customers and make your e-commerce business a success!

Having a secured family is an integral part of our life. I mean let's face it, you may have a job, a car or a house but what if you don’t have an insurance? It is really stressful thinking what if something happens to you or any member of your family like accident or death? So it just makes sense on getting a family insurance to protect you and your family for a solid financial future.

Advantage Term Life is just what you need to help you get the most on your insurance. Of course you might think of the insurance plans pros and cons, like for example higher insurance premiums which might be hard for you considering your family's other needs but they will definitely help you decide what affordable premiums that's right for you and in that way you'll be able to save money on insurance premiums.

So why don’t you visit the site now so they can help you decide on the right policy for you. With their insurance quoting services you'll be able to compare different policies all at once and choose the company that is the best for you and your family.

Do you have a new year's resolution? Or every year do you always have one? Frankly speaking I gave up having one years ago coz it just doesn't make sense, well it's just me I don’t know bout the others. I believe that if you do want to change something in you, you don’t have to wait next year for that to happen. You could make it happen NOW if you really want to.

Just days ago me and my co-workers are having a conversation about this and asking each other what one's new year's resolution was and I was thinking do they really have one or do they just said that just for the sake of having one? I told them that I don’t have one and that I'll just do what I have to do. For example, before my new year's resolution was to go on a diet and lose a certain amount of weight(I think this is one of the popular ones as a new year's resolution) but you know what I never really reached my desired weight at all coz honestly speaking I just got lazy! I mean of course looking back I'm like ok another new year's resolution letdown for me and I thought maybe I won't just put too much pressure on me every year. What I do now is just taking it one step at a time, like now I really watch what I eat especially when it comes to eating rice. I don’t think much about this new year's resolution and I now replaced the term with having a goal to reach. Is that different?

Anyway having one is anybody's call, it's really up to you. Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself that if it doesn’t happen you wont go like telling everyone next year that since it didn’t happen it would still be your new year's resoluton! I mean it's just crazy! Like I've said don’t wait for next year if you want to reach a goal. Do it now and work out on it!

I just came across this website about advertising and making money through blogging and I thought well I can't let this opportunity pass me. Blogsvertise certainly will help you make income by simply posting your opinions, comments, views or even complaints about a certain advertisers products or services and by doing so you will be paid per review on your posts! Isn't that great? It's so simple here on blogsvertise that you won't even have a hard time thinking what to write coz the instructions are very clear. So why don’t you test your writing skills and click it on blogsvertise for more information and register now! I will assure you that you wont regret it once you started receiving payments for your hard work!

A tribute to my friends! Found this at blogthings(again) and i thought it might be fun to share it with you! I just happen to have a short list of friends and most of them are already residing abroad so can you imagine how boring my life is? you know i dont have much friends here and my husband is also not here? well anyway i hope they'll be able to read this, this is only for fun!

What You Really Think Of Your Friends

Dhes is your soulmate.
You truly love Dith.
You consider Flor your true friend.
You know that Joan is always thinking of you.
You'll remember Gandha for the rest of your life.
You secretly think Dianne is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times.
You secretly think that Marj is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.
You secretly think that Thess is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that she changes lovers faster than underwear.
You secretly think Tess is shy and nonconfrontational. And that she has a hidden internet romance.

Hello how are you all? Can't believe it's already 2008! i'm so lookin' forward to this year, i'm hoping this year would be better than the previous one. anyway we've been busy preparing for Adriel's 1st birthday this jan.19. just this afternoon i went at this cakeshop called Recipes and Magic at Bayan Luma VI. we just found their address and contact no. at the internet and i was impressed with the designs that they make. Janet who is the owner of R & M was very accomodating and suggested some designs. i opted for the justice league design with cupcakes coz that's what Dianne instructed me to get. there are still some that aren't settled yet like the taurpaulin(spellcheck pls!), balloons, giveaways and game prizes. i just hope we'll be able to complete all of this before jan.19 or else we're gonna be in trouble. oh well gotta sleep now, it's my first day of work tomorrow.


Hello to you all! wow it's been a week since i've last posted! this has been the longest time huh? Anyway just want to inform you that we celebrated our New Year's Eve and New Year at Bellevue Hotel at Alabang where we were able to view fireworks from our hotel window! isn't that great? after that we had a champagne courtesy of the hotel and i think we were able to sleep at almost 2AM already! this morning we strolled the lobby of the hotel to have some pictures taken then at 1:30PM we already checked out and honestly speaking I'm SO tired! Anyway as usual i'm gonna share with you some of our pics and if you want to view the rest of our pics, click HERE!

New Year's Cheers from Us!

Me and my sister as we prepare for the New Year!

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