Hello how are you all? Can't believe it's already 2008! i'm so lookin' forward to this year, i'm hoping this year would be better than the previous one. anyway we've been busy preparing for Adriel's 1st birthday this jan.19. just this afternoon i went at this cakeshop called Recipes and Magic at Bayan Luma VI. we just found their address and contact no. at the internet and i was impressed with the designs that they make. Janet who is the owner of R & M was very accomodating and suggested some designs. i opted for the justice league design with cupcakes coz that's what Dianne instructed me to get. there are still some that aren't settled yet like the taurpaulin(spellcheck pls!), balloons, giveaways and game prizes. i just hope we'll be able to complete all of this before jan.19 or else we're gonna be in trouble. oh well gotta sleep now, it's my first day of work tomorrow.


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    Liza said...

    Hi Cel! Back to work na naman pala ang busy mom. Advance happy bday to your baby.

  1. ... on January 8, 2008 at 4:10 AM  
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