At last the birthday party of Adriel comes to an end last saturday January 19 at a nearby clubhouse with all of our guests(i hope)leaving happy and had a wonderful time!

The party started at around 4PM already(although the invitation says 3PM). There are 2 clowns who went multitasking by doing the face paint, magic and being also the hosts. The other clown(can't remember which one) was really talented coz we all love the face paint that he did to the kids and also the adults(including me, he he). They were also very funny which made the party more enjoyable. Dianne, my sister the mommy, was very busy by being the hostess while the likes of us just sat and listened and watched while the clowns entertain the kids. We particularly liked the chocolate fountain with many varieties like marshmallow, bread sticks, apple, etc that you can dip with the overflowing chocolate. It was delicious! There were also a sorbetero on the side that gave dirty ice ream to everyone.

At around 6:30PM Adriel blew hist first birthday candle(well actually it was Dianne who blew the candle coz he still doesn't know how)then immediately after that was the gift opening and lastly closing prayers courtesy of his grandfather Pastor Boni. The party ended at around 7PM and we were very tired but we enjoyed every minute of it.

Here are some of our pics. Take a look of all the pics HERE!

Adriel's Cake

Kids on costumes with Adriel as Batman
Adriel's tarpaulin

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