I was able to catch the replay of The Amazing Race Season finale last Monday and I must admit that I was disappointed that Ronald and Christina lost to TK and Rachel. I mean they were so consistent being No.1 on the previous legs and when it came to the most important part of the race, well they succumbed and failed to catch up. Actually Ron/Chris was not my favorite team but since Nate/Jen got eliminated and settled for 4th place I have to choose a 2nd best team to win. Ron/Chris was very smart and always chooses the right tasks that’s why I thought they really deserved to win. I really thought they would but Tk/Rachel never gave up and I must admit that it was pretty close up until the last roadblock wherein the 3 teams was neck and neck without anyone being left behind that far. Eventually Ron/Chris lost and well life must go on…

Below is the rundown of each season and which teams won and which teams I liked lost. I think it’s not that bad since I got 4 out 5. Maybe next season I will get lucky and make it a tie…

Fave Team - Reichen/Chip
Winner - Reichen/Chip
Fave Team - Colin/Christie(2nd place)
Winner - Chip/Kim
Fave Team - Freddy/Kendra
Winner - Freddy/Kendra
Fave Team - Brian/Greg(6th place)
Winner - Uchenna/Joyce
Season8 (Family Edition)
Fave Team - Linz Family
Winner - Linz Family
Fave Team - Joseph/Monica(4th place)
Winner - BJ/Tyler
Fave Team - Tyler/James
Winner - Tyler/James
Season11 (All Stars)
Fave Team - Oswald/Danny(4th place)
Winner - Eric/Danielle
Fave Team - Nathan/Jennifer(4th place) and Ronald/Christina(2nd place)
Winner - TK/Rachel

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