I've been a fan of The Amazing Race(a reality program from CBS wherein a team of 2 embark on a race around the world for $1 million)for 5 years already when I first chanced upon it on Studio23 during its Season4 premiere. I loved how they try to outrun each other and arrive at the pitstop first. I became more and more engrossed with watching it on Season5 when they stopped in the Philippines! I really loved that episode with the carabao when Colin had a meltdown due to that very difficult task. And so, now they're on their 12th Season already and next monday is already it's season finale with the final 3 teams trying to win the million dollars! I hope Ronald & Christina wins although i don't like Ronald, Christina is just smart and very patient with her dad. I'm so excited! 3 days to go!!!

And now let's go with another version of The Amazing Race which is Asia! When TAR Asia premiered last year, honestly I didn't liked it coz the teams suck(including the tandem of Aubrey Miles and her friend Jackie which by the way was the worst racers ever!) and it was just plain blah! I didn't cared to watch anymore after 3 episodes. But now on its 2nd Season, the reality show seemed promising with the inclusion of 2 very interesting teams from the Philippines- Marc & Rovilson and Henry & Teri. Marc & Rovi are a very strong team! Up to now they dominate the race having one 7 first place finishes already! But that cannot be said with Henry & Teri whose constant bickering became too tiring already. Not to mention Henry's crying which I really can't stand watching! I'm really glad they're eliminated just this last ep. Now 5 teams remain, who will be eliminated next?

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