Heath Ledger is dead. I’m really sad of what happened to him and especially for his daughter who will grow up without his love and guidance. Up to now it’s still not clear what caused his death due to the result of the autopsy is inconclusive and it would take at least 10 days to know more about it when the result of more tests are expected to be complete.

I am not really a fan of his but I know that he’s a good actor. I was able to watched Brokeback Mountain and he was really good there! It was just a big disappointment that he lost on the Best Actor category on Oscars that time. I remembered before watching it that I would feel uncomfortable watching 2 men kissed but I suddenly found myself rooting for them(the 2 leading men) to be together in the end. That’s how convincingly they portrayed their roles.

And now I’m googling every single day since his death about the latest developments about him and last time I checked Michelle Williams and their daughter are already in New York. I can just imagine how much she ‘s devastated right now. I hope that his family will come to terms with his death and recover quickly and that the media just leave them alone just like Heath's father said, let them grieve privately.

So long Heath, may you rest in peace! He will never be forgotten, his movies can attest to that.

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