Hi there! So how's your weekday doin'? Me, nothing much it's just work, work and more work then just sleep at home after that. Sometimes I feel that I'm so stressed out that I just want to relax and take a leave but I cannot possibly do that now although I wanted too coz I'm saving up my leave credits when my husband comes home. I'm planning to have 1 month leave I just hope it won't be much of a problem with my supervisor. I've been working almost half of my life and sometimes I feel so burnt out that i really wanted to resign from my present job and just be a fulltime housewife. Now I'm giving myself 2-3 years and that's it! I'll probably just have a business of my own most likely baking cakes but then I still have to enroll myself first to have a business like that. I inquired about Heny Sison's school but the tuition fee's so steep! I really can't afford that right now with us still paying for the house and also me and my husband still trying to conceive, but in time, I HOPE it can happen!

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