Do you have a new year's resolution? Or every year do you always have one? Frankly speaking I gave up having one years ago coz it just doesn't make sense, well it's just me I don’t know bout the others. I believe that if you do want to change something in you, you don’t have to wait next year for that to happen. You could make it happen NOW if you really want to.

Just days ago me and my co-workers are having a conversation about this and asking each other what one's new year's resolution was and I was thinking do they really have one or do they just said that just for the sake of having one? I told them that I don’t have one and that I'll just do what I have to do. For example, before my new year's resolution was to go on a diet and lose a certain amount of weight(I think this is one of the popular ones as a new year's resolution) but you know what I never really reached my desired weight at all coz honestly speaking I just got lazy! I mean of course looking back I'm like ok another new year's resolution letdown for me and I thought maybe I won't just put too much pressure on me every year. What I do now is just taking it one step at a time, like now I really watch what I eat especially when it comes to eating rice. I don’t think much about this new year's resolution and I now replaced the term with having a goal to reach. Is that different?

Anyway having one is anybody's call, it's really up to you. Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself that if it doesn’t happen you wont go like telling everyone next year that since it didn’t happen it would still be your new year's resoluton! I mean it's just crazy! Like I've said don’t wait for next year if you want to reach a goal. Do it now and work out on it!

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