I really love watching movies about women who makes a strong impression. Women who are strong and makes a man cry literally. It inspires me to know that I can fight back for my rights as a woman and that I can do something even better than a man does. It’s really not a gender issue weather a man is better than a woman, just thinking and feeling that you can fight back for yourself and makes you feel good about yourself is enough. So here are some of the movies that I can say I really can watch over and over again and never gets tired of it!:

KILL BILL – Uma Thurman surely knows how to kick serious butt on screen! Coming from a coma, she seeks revenge on everyone who done her wrong including the father of her child. I loved her fight scenes with Lucy Liu and before that the famous sword swinging and swooshing fight scenes with all the Japanese allies of Liu! It was really a well made film!

MR. AND MRS. SMITH - Love Angelina Jolie here! She definitely doesn’t need a Brad Pitt to help bail her out when danger comes in. She’s a strong woman who knows how to take care of herself so move over Brad don’t you dare mess up with Mrs. Smith you can’t take her out that easily!

ENOUGH - Jennifer Lopez was a battered wife who became physically abused when she learned about her husband’s infidelity towards her. She left him with their daughter but the husband just wouldn’t let go of her so she made a decision to fight him back. I love the final fight scene! She really was smart and really prepared her plan. She really outsmarted her abusive husband, good for her!

BRIDGET JONES’ DIARY - Bridget Jones made it clear that being single and fat is just ok! This is my favorite Renee Zellweger film! I love the part when she was invited at a dinner with all the other couples and she was just the one without a partner on her side, I can’t remember her exact line but she surely rocked that scene! She’s really a strong willed woman and I like her!

THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS - Jodie Foster as Clarice Sterling made me want to be an FBI agent! She was really smart and very brave when she faced the intelligent serial killer Hannibal Lecter. I mean I couldn’t possibly have the courage to face him, I’ll be scared to death! And how she solved the final mystery of the wehereabouts of the other serial killer was just brilliant! Too bad she didn’t reprised her role on the sequel, she’s just too good for it!

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    Hye said...

    Same here.. I also love watching movies portraying about Girl Power. I have watched all the movies you've mentioned. By the way, do you want to exchange links with me? Check out my blog and see if you are interested. See you there. Just drop your comment (wink)

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