So it's Februrary already, the LOVE month of the year! It will be 12 days to go till Valentine's Day and I know that a lot of lovers out there are excited for this year's Valentines Day. I think there's gonna be another LOVAPALOOZA this Feb.10 at SM Mall of Asia where the Philippines are set to reclaim the world record for the most number of couples kissing in one event from Hungary. I bet there's gonna be a major PDA on that day!

I don't really get why our country is so obsessed on having this record, it's just none sense for me! I might be very proud if it's from a sporting event or some spectacular out of this world or extraordinary thing done by our countrymen but a record on a kissing event? Does this mean we want the world to know that we're that romantic? I don’t think so! Anyway I think I'm gonna spend that day waiting for hubby's call. Wow I think it's been 3 years since we last celebrated Valentine's Day together and I miss hanging out with him on that day. That's why I never always go out on Feb.14 it's just too painful to see all those couples smooching around and just having a great time while a whine and wait for hubby to call. Anyway it's just one day I can survive, I've been surviving 10 months without my hubby what is one day, right?

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