Last Monday night I was able to catch a movie at Star Movies(Ch.36 on our cable channel) entitled Match Point where the lead actors are Scarlett Johannson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. This movie is the perfect example of an affair gone bad... really bad. I googled about the movie and I found out that it was shown 2005, directed by Woody Allen and got raved reviews from different critics. Cris( played by Meyers) is a tennis instructor and eventually befriended by a wealthy guy named Tom whose sister Chloe is attracted to Cris. At a family gathering where Cris is invited, he met Nola(Johannson), an aspiring actress, which turned out to be the girlfriend of Tom and was immediately attracted to her. After a brief liaison, Nola rejected Cris' advances telling him that nothing's gonna happen between them again. So Cris married Chloe but then found out that Tom suddenly broke up with Nola. He tried to find her and finally suceeded and there they begin to have an illicit affair unbeknownst to Chloe and her family. At first Cris was happy with Nola, but when he got her pregnant he was pressured by Nola to leave his wife and settle with her. But he just couldn’t make up his mind because he's afraid of losing his wealth and position he has come to enjoy but at the same time he has deep feelings for Nola. When Nola threatened Cris that she will tell Chloe about their affair, Cris made a drastic measure to end his dilemma which resulted to an unthinkable crime.

I love this movie! I didn’t' anticipated the final twist in the end. He's lucky to get away for the crime that he made. I'm just sad for Nola but then she's at fault too. Maybe if she just avoided Cris from the start nothing bad's gonna happen with her. And she acted way too demanding with the situation. She just went on and on pressuring Cris by calling him at his house and telling him over and over to leave Chloe for her. I didn't expected Cris to take such drastic measure in the end. Really, I wasn't expecting it. I thought he'll leave Chloe and choose Nola and they leave happily ever after. But that's too simple and common for an ending. Speaking of the ending, I hoped Cris got caught and paid for what he did but nonetheless I'm quite satisifed with the whole movie. It's excellent and really well made!

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    teban said...

    nice movie, thanks for the visit.. ask mo about sa readmore? eh meron kna ah?

  1. ... on February 16, 2008 at 9:40 PM  
  2. ***FYRNZ*** said...

    hmmm... i haven't heard about this movie not until i read your post here..

    matingin nga ng dvd sa stores nito.. hehehhee.. sounds interesting for me..


  3. ... on February 18, 2008 at 11:35 PM  
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