My post was declined by Smorty :( it was really my fault coz I haven’t read that minimum words must be 150 and I only did 143! What an idiot am I sometimes? So I re-submitted my post and hopefully this time I will be approved. Anyway still waiting for available opps from ppp. I tell you it’s really hard to grab opps there! I think I must work well with my blog to increase my PR so I could get opps from ppp. With regards to others, I’m also waiting if the advertisers I placed my bid will accept my bid or not. So basically I’m just here waiting(and praying) for some good news on my email. But there’s already some good news coz I got paid (at last) for the very first time! I received an email 4 days ago that the money I earned from posting my review was already credited on my paypal account. That’s why although there’s some rejections I’m still optimistic about my search to try to earn online. The key I guess is just don’t give up and strive harder to make a quality blog and just be positive!

Anyway Jerome(my nephew) is celebrating his birthday on Feb.13 but since I’m working on that day we’re planning to celebrate his birthday tomorrow(Feb.12) but we won’t be spending it on our home, we’ll just go to the mall and maybe eat at Jollibee coz Jerome’s crazy with their burgers! And Dianne also want to stroll Adriel to the mall. I hope the kids will enjoy our trip tomorrow.

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