I was able to catch The Academy Awards at ABS-CBN and I was glad to watch it live from the red carpet up to the awards night itself. The show itself was well made and although I expected a few more popular celebrities like TomKat, Brangelina or Leonardo DiCaprio, I was happy to see my favorites Johnny Depp, Cameron Diaz and Renee Zellweger who sports a very short haircut which I thought wasn't blowdryed at all.

Let's start off with the stars who walked the red carpet. I personally thought Heidi Klum, Jennifer Garner and Nicole Kidman's gowns are stunning! Nicole's gown was a simple black one but what made it stand out is her necklace. While Heidi wore a red gown with a pull up hair, she's just so beautiful! Jennifer Garner who went alone without hubby Ben Affleck, wore a nice body hugging strapless gown which I thought was very sexy. There are still so many other starts who looked sexy and beautiful but the others who wore a not so appealing gowns are Ellen Page and Tilda Swinton, I didn't liked their dress at all!

Anyway on with the awards night, there were some surprises like Tilda Swinton and Marion Cotillard winning on the supporting and best actress award respectively. Although I didn't saw any of the movies nominated I read about other award giving bodies giving it to Ruby Dee and Julie Christie so I think their win was really a surprise. So I thought when it came to Best Actor category, I secretly wished Johnny Depp would win coz there were already some upsets but Daniel Day Lewes was just so great that he won(again). The In Memoriam part was really touching especially when Heath Ledger was shown, I just wondered why they didn't showed Brad Renfro. Did they forgot that he died?

I wish I'd be able to watch No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood and see if it deserves all the awards they got. I also want to see Juno, I think it's an interesting movie.

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