So I checked my credit card account online(BPI Mastercard) to view if my 4 digit paypal expanded use number(EXPUSE) was already incorporated on my account and if the $1.95 was already charged on my credit card. So ok, the $1.95 was already charged but what confused me was the "4 digit expanded use number". According to paypal "On this statement, you will see a $1.95 USD charge from PayPal. Next to this charge you will see the 4-digit Expanded Use Number, which can be found directly before the word PAYPAL". I did see $1.95 but I cannot see the 4 digit EXPUSE number before the word paypal. Here is what I read on my statement description(where X is a number):

Amount 79.80 DR

Ok, I saw a 4 digit number after PP(which I assume is paypal), but the instruction says BEFORE not after. Then there's a 10 digit number with a letter SG following it which made me more confused! If there's anyone who could help me right now, please do so. Up to now I haven't verified yet my account on paypal because of this.

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    Dread said...

    The 4 digit number after the "a" should be your expanded use number. Try entering that.

  1. ... on February 14, 2008 at 4:29 AM  
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