I am really happy to inform you that after just one try to sign up for Pay Per Post, I am already approved of membership today! Actually I signed up for PPP just this morning and when I checked again my email I was surprised that I was approved! Wow that was fast! I thought I am going to wait awhile coz I know that a lot of bloggers are waiting for PPP's aprroval for them to become a member. Actually I waited for my blog to be 90 days old so I could join PPP, coz I know that joining early would result for my blog to be disapproved. I know that I cannot afford to be disapproved and wait longer coz it's just an amazing money making opportunity for me that I cannot pass. I've been reading a lot from my fellow bloggers that it was really worth it signing up for PPP coz of the many opportunities to earn online. Having a blog and to write about the stuff that you like is really a rewarding experience, what more if you could get paid to blog? Isn't it just incredible? I hope I'll be able to get lucky like the others who have only positive words for PPP. So why don't you join too and see for yourself?

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    Called2Bless said...

    I thank God found you in MyBlogLog. PPP is what i was looking for, then now just found it. Keep the good work.
    God bless you!

  1. ... on February 4, 2008 at 1:52 PM  
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