I've been approved by Smorty! Wow I'm really lucky this week and also very happy for this good news because that means I have another chance to get paid to blog. Smorty is a service link between the advertisers and bloggers where an advertiser, advertises on blogs specifically gets blogger to write reviews for their company and the blogger in turn will have to post their honest reviews and opinions about available advertiser campaigns. Both the advertisers and bloggers can benefit so much from each other with the advertisers getting noticed through blog advertising and increased their sales while the bloggers gets to write quality articles and most of all get paid for blogging, it's as easy as that! You have every chance to make money by simply signing up and complete the tasks assigned to you. A lot of bloggers out there could attest to all the wonderful benefits of signing up with Smorty.

So hurry up and don't waste your time! Sign up now and turn your blog and your company into an amazing money making opportunity.

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    mschumey07 said...

    Congrats! Happy earning to you.

  1. ... on February 5, 2008 at 10:11 AM  
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