Just got a call from hubby today. He told me that they're currently at sea and will be back in Miami tomorrow night and by then we can chat early tuesday morning. So that's great although I'll be working tuesday morning so I guess I have to sacrifice a little by sleeping late and waking up very early to report for work. I can't complain it to hubby coz for sure he's gonna make tampo and say I don't have time when it comes to him. I just hope his webcam will work just fine unlike before when we got so pissed with his cam that we ended up chatting for only 5 minutes.

Anyway Tita Inday or Tita Evelyn is here again. I just got surprised coz I thought she's in Davao? I hope while she's here she's gonna cook coz she really is a tremendous cook! Nora is also here today, another great cook. I hope Tita would make lumpiang shanghai and Nora, gatang langka. Wow that would really make my day! Yummy!!!

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