Found this quiz HERE which calculates how old you live based on your answers. I'm happy with the result coz I really don't have any vices but I think I need to exercise more to improve my chance of increasing my percentage. I was already going to the gym before, I even enrolled on an aerobics class but due to work I stopped coz I became very busy. I hope I would get some time and go to the gym again, I really feel I gained so much weight!

Being healthy is very important especially nowadays when you can't afford to get sick coz medicines are very expensive and being in a hospital is really the last place you want to be in. What if you don't have any medical insurance it's really a burden to you and your family. So my point is, we really have to take care of our body to not get sick. We all want to reach a 100 right?

78%Living to 100 Years Old

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