Rodolfo Lozada Jr.'s much anticipated appearance on the Senate finally pushed through yesterday after being postponed. Visibly shaken and nervous, star witness Lozada recounted what he know about the controversial ZTE brodband multi million broadband deal where he implicated the likes of First Gentleman Mike Arroyo and former COMELEC chairman Benjamin Abalos. I didn't finished the senate probe but early on his statement, Lozada controlled back his tears as he tells everyone what made him tell what he knows about the scrapped broadband deal. Lozada was grilled by the senators like Honasan, Roxas, Defensor, Madrigal, etc. but what made me think was Jamby Madrigal's question about the relationship of Romulo Neri and Lozada. She asked the nature of their relationship like asking him if it was intimate which Lozada quickly replied as it's only professional. A big HUH? Was it relevant to the issue? And most importantly was the question being in a malicious content? Is Neri gay? Anyway, I just got confused on that one. Obviously Abalos and Mike Arroyo denied all of Lozada's allegations so let's just wait and see what will happen on this controversy on the coming days.

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