Got this tag from Butchay. Thanks and sorry for the late post. Anyway, I'd like to pass this tag to: Lena, Sugar and Len. It's fun so go and post it on your blog!
I AM… what I am :)
I WANT…to be a mom someday.
I HAVE… a loving husband and a wonderful family!
I WISH… all of my and my husband's wishes come true.
I HATE… waking up early in the morning.
I FEAR… rats and cockroaches.
I SEARCH… for anything on the web that might help me learn and gain more knowledge.
I WONDER… why some people are not content with what they have.
I REGRET… stupids things I did in the past.
I LOVE… being alive and sharing it with all the people that i love.
I ALWAYS… look forward to the future.
I AM NOT… perfect, well I guess all of us aren't right?
I DANCE… not! coz I don't know how to.
I SING… my heart out in videokes.
I CRY… when I'm frustrated and angry.
I WRITE… coz I love to write and express how I feel.
I AM CONFUSED… as to why GMA still hasn't resigned as prez.
I NEED… to relax and spend some time away from work.
I SHOULD… try to listen more and be objective about others.

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… pray that my husband is safe.

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