Hello how are you all doin'? I haven't updated my blog for a couple of days coz I'm really quite busy with work and sometimes I'm so lazy to even visit my blog so I'm apologizing for my blogger friends if I haven't paid a visit to their blogs as well. Anyway I just want to promote my sister's new business, creating a dvd slideshows at a very reasonable price!

If you are very much into pictures like me, taking photos or keeping all those precious photos at an album, it's really fun reminiscing all those good times just looking at your pictures you compiled through the years but it's much easy and beautiful if you could show it to your family and friends in a dvd format right? But let's face it, not all of us(just like me) are not that high tech to know and do dvd slideshows. I myself tried to do dvd slideshows or movies but I guess Im really not that gifted to do those kinds of things. So what would you do if you can't do it on your own? Then let somebody do it for you then your problem is solved! Now you could just slip the dvd on your player and can show it to your guests right away. My sister does that, dvd presentation in very creative and professional way. Please visit her site to know more about it: My Moving Pixels. Please visit now and avail of my sister's 10% off on all jobs for the whole month of March!

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    hi cec, got u tagged!:)

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