I really can't take the weather nowadays here in the Philippines! It's just so hot that I always feel irritated and sweaty all day! Most especially from 10AM-4PM, you just couldn't stand the heat. Current weather condition now is from 33-34'C and I really don't know how long this will probably last, maybe till May when the rainy season comes.

It's really hard when I'm on a nightshift and I get to sleep when I get home in the morning. I always sleep at around 11AM-12NN when the sun is at its highest. I really find it hard to sleep coz it's very hot! The electric fan doesn't seem to work for me even if it's turned to its maximum level. Sometimes I will turn on the aircon for my room to cool but I don't do that much coz my nanay scolds me that our electricity will shoot up coz of the aircon. But just once in awhile she lets me use the aircon and I feel so good. Sometimes I wanna go out and head to the mall to cool up but going out is still annoying coz you'll have to brave the traffic and heat(again) to get to the mall. Anyway, we'll be going for a swim this thursday, I hope this pushes through...

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    Vannie said...

    i know the feeling, sobrang init talaga.

    my sis she is also like you, sleeps by 12 noon at di nabubuhay un pag walang aircon.

    swimming? wow. have fun!

  1. ... on April 17, 2008 at 2:52 PM  
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