To all of you who left me a message on my cbox and those who are sending me tags, thanks a lot and you are deeply appreciated by me! I just want to apologize that I haven't visited most of your blogs and doing the tags coz after I got back from vacation I left a lot of things to do, at home and at work. I hope you all understand, but I promise that if I'll have a free time(kahit isang buong araw lang)I will visit all the blogs who left me a message and do the tags given to me. Thanks for understanding and you all take care!

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    Prily said...

    Hi Cel,thanks for informing me.Yup,added you already and yup,i'd seen my link in your blog roll.Now,we're connected.I put your link in my Blooming Blogs' list ---My Not So Private Space. You can check it out!More power and happy to meet you online!

  1. ... on April 3, 2008 at 8:42 PM  
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