I can't believe it! All of a sudden there's a do or die game for the Celtics tomorrow for Game 7 against Atlanta Hawks which still are refusing to give up on this series. The underrated Hawks suddenly found themselves tied with the No.1 seed Celtics which many believed before that the Celtics would win easily. Maybe the Celtics got overconfident and thought that they could easily beat the Hawks but no! They're really giving the Celts a hard time but I'm also thinking, does the homecourt advantage really played a strong part for the team to win? Coz I just noticed that the wins of both teams came from home and Game 7 will be played at Boston so does that mean the Celts will win? Hope so but even if they do I honestly believe they will have a hard time afterall this series certainly is a hard fought one and the one's that is victorious tomorrow definitely deserves it!

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