I'm such a HUGE fan of Friends(the 90's comedy show starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer). I bought my complete DVD(Seasons 1-10) 2 years ago and up to now I still get to watch it whenever I'm at home and nothing worth watching on TV, this is what I call "Friends Marathon" coz the moment I start I just couldn't stop anymore! Honestly speaking this is my 3rd time watching the show although I now only watch my favorite EPs(thanks to my printed episode guide!) and I must admit that I never gets tired of it, always cracks me up and never fails to exhibit so much laughter in me!

So since I've been watching it a couple of times I was able to differentiate the characters from each other and it's so funny coz all of them have this some weirdness in them although Phoebe and Joey are the weirdest of all! So here it goes:

Rachel Green - whiny, crybaby, self-centered(earlier episodes), fashionable, spoiled rich girl

Monica Geller - obsessive-compulsive, perfectionist, obsessed about cleanliness, competitive, hates losing

Phoebe Buffay - eccentric, a child at heart, sometimes innocent and naïve, has some principles which she was able to break

Joey Tribbiani - an idiot(?), womanizer, awful actor, the most "loyal" friend i guess, loves sandwiches and pizzas

Chandler Bing - has sarcastic sense of humor, joker, intelligent

Ross Geller - jealous type, notoriously cheap, science and dinosaur addict, the divorce force!(ha ha ha!)

My favorite character of all is probably Monica(for the girls) and Joey(for the guys). I love Monica when she's obssessing about being clean and Joey when he couldn't figure out something while the rest already did. But all of them are brilliant actors, it's really hard to choose the best among them coz they are all amazing!

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    Andrew said...

    Heys! I realise this post is about a week plus old but it's still counts. I too am a big fan of friends and still do catch the re-runs on telly every morning just before i head off to work.

    My favourite character would be Joey, not because he was always slow to realise or that he slept with every girl he dated but rather how there is always food around. Lolz...

  1. ... on May 19, 2008 at 3:36 AM  
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