It's been raining here for a couple of days and although rainy season is sometimes a bit hard if you're going to and from work or going to school because of the traffic and flood, it's comforting to know that summer is officially over so that means goodbye to hot and humid weather here! But sometimes it still gets too hot here but not everyday anymore. I like it especially at night coz it gets very cold and it feels so good to just tuck my blanket as I go to sleep.

Anyway, I just went to SM Bacoor today to pay for my credit card bill and I canvassed some of Jerome's school supplies at National Bookstore and just as I had expected there are so many people now at the bookstore buying school supplies! I haven't yet bought the items coz we will still go to his school tomorrow coz there were notebooks available which have a school logo and also some school supplies. Maybe that's cheaper there, no harm in trying :)

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    Prily said...

    Hi Cel,it is still cold here in Scotland even if it's approaching summer.Hay na lang, just sooo windy!I love little bit of cold, but just the gush of wind seems blow my jacket and me,too!hehehe.But anyway,ing-ana dyud na,usahay tugnaw,usahay init.

  1. ... on May 21, 2008 at 4:02 AM  
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