Yesterday, June 10, 2008 was the start of school year here in the Philippines. I accompanied Jerome to his school coz he still doesn't know where his classroom is located. I, myself had a hard time finding his room. We circled all the other classrooms to no avail until I asked a teacher for help to find its whereabouts. She told me that Jerome's room was at the back of the other rooms of the school and I was surprised coz there are actually more rooms there! I pitied Jerome coz unlike his first grade classroom which was just in front of the school's gate, this time it was way back that he has to walk for at least like 3-5 minutes! After I let Jerome sat on one of the seats, I gave Jerome's report card to his teacher for attendance and confirmation purposes. I just wondered coz she didn't gave me back the report card so I asked one of the moms if it was like that. She said not to worry coz she will return the said card. After that I told Jerome that I will go home already and I'll see him in the afternoon. As I proceed to go outside, there were still a lot of parents and kids scattered around the school finding their way to their destination while some parents are peeking through the windows of the room to catch a glimpse of their children inside.

Honestly, I was disappointed with the lack of organization there but hey we're in the Philippines what would you expect?

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