Have you heard about wordle? It's toy for making word clouds where you will be the one to supply different words and the result is a beautiful random words in different shapes, colors and layouts. I tried many different kinds of wordles and came up with numerous layouts. You have the option to save it on the gallery where others can view your masterpiece or you can just save it and print it for your personal use. Take a look at what I did and try it also for yourself...

This review is a bit late coz I just happened to watch the movie Sex and the City on dvd yesterday. I was not able to catch it on the theaters before although I would've loved to coz of other priorities(I hope you know what I mean). I must say… I really love this movie!!!!

Carrie still is the most fashionable character of all 4. I love all of her outfits! Charlotte is so funny especially the scene on Mexico, ha ha ha!!! I am annoyed at Miranda for not forgiving Steve although it was partly her fault and I also find Samantha really funny when she was being naked with only a sushi on her body when she waited for Smith for 3 hours! I was so sad for Carrie when Big didn't showed up at their wedding. Honestly, I really cried when she told Big that she knew he would do that to her. I hated Big for that…

I wished I have friends like them! Through good times and bad times they didn't left each other's side. Imagine on Carrie's supposedly honeymoon in Mexico, she shared it with her bestfriends. I was touched on the scene where they removed the rose petals on Carrie's bed at the hotel so she wouldn't get more upset and Samantha spoon feeding Carrie coz she doesn't want to eat. There are so many scenes where they showed that they are really important to each other and I guess besides the Carrie-Big plot they wanted to show the importance of having friends in the movie.

I just have some issues on the movie like they didn't show much of Charlotte's character, she didn't have any problems encountered. The only time she had a flaw like Carrie said was when she pooped her pants. I also wanted Carrie and Big's wedding to be somewhat memorable but instead they were just wed at the municipal hall of New York City! I wanted Carrie to wear a much beautiful gown than her first but she wore a very simple dress which was like un-Carrie. But all in all, I really enjoyed the movie and would love to watch it again to relive my favorite scenes in the movie...

The IOC(International Olympic committee) recently ordered the investigation into the questionable age of Chinese gymnast He Kexin(4th from the left) who won gold medals in this Olympics gymnastics. The eligible age to compete is 16 rather than 14 to protect their physical and mental health. If the inquiry proved that He is underage this could lead to stripping of her gold medals.

He's true age as well as the other Chinese gymnasts have been the subject of numerous controversies since the Games began. The gymnasts appeared too little and too young to compete as what many observed. I, myself was surprised to see them the first time. I thought they were 13 or 14 years old. This must've been proven first, so if there are still no sufficient evidence to prove that they are underage, I guess all we have to do is just speculate. Well, what do you think of the pic above? Are they or aren't they underage?

Thanks Jhelea, for this award, I really apreciate it!

"A hug is worth a thousand words, a friend is worth more." It is indeed true. wherever we are we need friends whose always there for us."

We need friends for many reasons,all throughout the season.We need friends to comfort us when we are sad,and to have fun with us when we are glad.We need friends to give us good advice,We need someone we can count on,and treat us nice.We need friends to remember us one we have passed sharing memories that will always last.Spread the poem of friendship.1. Everyday Life 2. Words of Love 3. Sheng's Simple Thoughts 4. My Life's Rollercoaster Ride 5. Madz Life's Diary 6. Madz Wedding in Mauritius 7. Youthful Voices 8 Follow your sense you adventure 9. My Little Home 10. Complex Life 11. My Not So Private Space... 12.A Long Distance Love Affair 13.My Baby Hannah 14. YOU

Now it's time for you to spread this poem of friendship!
Pinay Love Stories

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I enjoyed reading this Family Poem, "Happy Birthday" at Family Friend Poems

Happy Birthday
© Janel M. Perez

Dance among the ribbons of the birthday balloons.
Smile through the lit candles and sing to the classic happy tune.
Eat the cake of wishes, frosted with sweet dreams of parties to come.
Blindly swing at the flying unicorn, sending treasures across the lawn.
Spin among the music and laughter in your perfect party dress that's brand new.
And till next year my darling, happy birthday to you.

Lovey Birthday
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Last Saturday was my Tita Cleo's despedida party at our house. Although I already joined them later in the evening, I still had a good time. There were lots of food and tita rented a videoke machine for the guests. I really love the menudo which Tito Bobby cooked and Tita's specialty, carbonara.

Anyway, tita will work as a caregiver in USA. I hope she'll be fine there considering that she'll leave her 2 children and her husband. Last Sunday, she gave us all a big farewell hug and a kiss, she seemed jolly but I know she's also sad and we're all gonna miss her. Well, I really wish her the best!

The 4-x100 men's freestyle relay race between the Americans and the French last Monday at the Beijing Olympics was really exciting to watch! It was a thrilling victory for the US team who almost lost to the French team if not for the last 50 meters swim of Jason Lezak. The last French to swim was Alain Bernard who was still cruising to still finish the race in first place but all of a sudden, this guy Jason came ahead and stole the French's first place finish! I literally am screaming due to excitement. I haven't watched swimming competition at the Olympics for how long so it's really exciting and fun for me that i was able to do that again.

So I congratulate the US freestyle relay team for winning. They really deserved it!

I wanna thank Jhelea for this wonderful award! I really like it a lot! It's been a long time since I received an award like this. Thanks again :)

Butchay and Lisa tagged me with this one, thank you so much!

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Yesterday 08-10-08
1. As usual woke up very early once in awhile to feed Hannah.
2. Monitored games at Olympics, then was able to watch swimming which was very exciting!
3. Was able to get some sleep in the afternoon(I think for about an hour)
4. Pastor Boni came to the house with the yaya(babysitter) for Hannah(at last!). Her name is Juliet.
5. Planned to watch China vs. USA basketball game at BTV but I was very sleepy so after one quarter I already fell asleep.

Today 08-11-08
1. Taught Juliet about her duties inside the house especially taking care of Hannah.
2. Catched some action at Olympics swimming competition
3. Checked email, blog, and other stuffs at internet.
4. Went to SM Bacoor to get some groceries.
5. Still chilling as of the moment here on my laptop(coz I already have the luxury of time to do so coz of the babysitter)

Participants :
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I am tagging the folowing: Hannah, Jhelea and Kiscy.

We celebrated Hannah's first month birthday today with just the members of the family. I just bought a cake at Goldilocks and took some pictures with the kids. I'd like to share with you some of those pics:

I was able to catch the opening night of the 2008 Beijing Olympics at Solar Sports last night and again today and I was really amazed and impressed by the ceremony which featured different ancient Chinese art and culture. There were like a thousand performers who performed on different stages of the program. I really liked the giant scroll which served as the show's centerpiece all throughout.

The parade of nations was really long. I got tired waiting for Team Philippines, but eventually they showed up after about one and a half hours of waiting. Manny Pacquaio carried the Philippine flag although he wouldn't compete and there were about less than 10 athletes(I think) for our team. I'll be very happy if even one of them wins a medal.

I saw different NBA players who carried their respective nations flags like, Manu Ginobili(Argentina), Dirk Nowinski(Germany) and of course Yao Ming for China. I also saw some celebrity athletes like Rafael Nadal and Kobe Bryant. Anyway I hope I'll be able to watch my favorite events of the Olympics like swimming, basketball, gymnastics and volleyball.

Today is Hannah's first month birthday and I plan to buy her a cake to celebrate her first monthsary. Since she was born, we already observed some developments on her leading to her first month and here are those:

1. moves her head from side to side

2. lifts her head for a short period of time

3. turns towards different sounds and voices

4. follows moving objects with her eyes

Aside from this, when I hold her, I would always catch her looking at me intently as if she's studying my face. She's really getting cuter and bigger everyday but I wish she won't grow up real fast coz I still want to enjoy her like this.

I know there's an ongoing hoopla regarding the first photos of Brangelina's twins. I, myself, am curious about them, like how do they look like or do they have the amazing lips of their mother or the piercing blue eyes of their father. This family are the most popular in the world and so in demand that a US magazine and a British tabloid joint forces on securing the coveted first photos of the twins. They paid a ridiculous $14 million in exchange for the photos while the parents will use the money for charity purposes. If Angie and Brad wants to continue helping the poor all over the world, they might as well continue conceiving and sell the photos to the tabloids! Um, I'm just kidding of course! Well, here's the cover of People Magazine out this week.

Monay! That's what we've been calling Hannah now because as days go by, her cheeks becomes chubbier and chubbier. She also weighs a little heavier than before and I'm really happy that she's gaining weight. I still don't know how much she's gained from previous 6.1lbs but I'm guessing she's already on 7-8lbs already. Wow! How time flies! Almost 4 weeks ago she was just this cute little fragile baby I'm holding and as days go by she becomes bigger and bigger...

I've been enjoying adding a lot of different add-ons for my friendster account that I really liked to add all of them! It's really cute and though I'm on my 30's I feel like I don't want my site to look old and bored so I update it once in awhile so it would look fresh and full of life. It really makes my site look like most of the 20 somethings or teens friendster's site which are hip and funky!

Here are some of the sites worth checking out as add-ons to your friendster or even my space account!
1. Pyzam- Free MySpace Flash Toys, Widgets and Games! Here's where I got my Family Sticker which is really cool!
2. Imikimi- Customizable comments, images, animations, photos, frames and graphics. you can customize everything from the different kimis available. So many to choose from!
3. Xat.Com Widgets- Free stuffs for your website, from mini polls, quizzes, chat box, etc. I particularly liked the quizzes which can be personal as you get to choose your own questions and answers.
4. Human Calendar- I actually found this from Mommie Van's Blog and I really found it cute that your calendar is being modeled by humans. Go check it out!
5. Glitterfy- Custom glitter graphics for your myspace or friendster which have different categories like: glitter graphics, glitterfy photos, flipbook, glitterfy words, layouts, flash texts, etc etc.
6. Caption.iT- Picture captions and text generators which you can use for leaving comments or just putting as add-ons to your site or blog.

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