I was able to catch the opening night of the 2008 Beijing Olympics at Solar Sports last night and again today and I was really amazed and impressed by the ceremony which featured different ancient Chinese art and culture. There were like a thousand performers who performed on different stages of the program. I really liked the giant scroll which served as the show's centerpiece all throughout.

The parade of nations was really long. I got tired waiting for Team Philippines, but eventually they showed up after about one and a half hours of waiting. Manny Pacquaio carried the Philippine flag although he wouldn't compete and there were about less than 10 athletes(I think) for our team. I'll be very happy if even one of them wins a medal.

I saw different NBA players who carried their respective nations flags like, Manu Ginobili(Argentina), Dirk Nowinski(Germany) and of course Yao Ming for China. I also saw some celebrity athletes like Rafael Nadal and Kobe Bryant. Anyway I hope I'll be able to watch my favorite events of the Olympics like swimming, basketball, gymnastics and volleyball.

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