I've been enjoying adding a lot of different add-ons for my friendster account that I really liked to add all of them! It's really cute and though I'm on my 30's I feel like I don't want my site to look old and bored so I update it once in awhile so it would look fresh and full of life. It really makes my site look like most of the 20 somethings or teens friendster's site which are hip and funky!

Here are some of the sites worth checking out as add-ons to your friendster or even my space account!
1. Pyzam- Free MySpace Flash Toys, Widgets and Games! Here's where I got my Family Sticker which is really cool!
2. Imikimi- Customizable comments, images, animations, photos, frames and graphics. you can customize everything from the different kimis available. So many to choose from!
3. Xat.Com Widgets- Free stuffs for your website, from mini polls, quizzes, chat box, etc. I particularly liked the quizzes which can be personal as you get to choose your own questions and answers.
4. Human Calendar- I actually found this from Mommie Van's Blog and I really found it cute that your calendar is being modeled by humans. Go check it out!
5. Glitterfy- Custom glitter graphics for your myspace or friendster which have different categories like: glitter graphics, glitterfy photos, flipbook, glitterfy words, layouts, flash texts, etc etc.
6. Caption.iT- Picture captions and text generators which you can use for leaving comments or just putting as add-ons to your site or blog.

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