The 4-x100 men's freestyle relay race between the Americans and the French last Monday at the Beijing Olympics was really exciting to watch! It was a thrilling victory for the US team who almost lost to the French team if not for the last 50 meters swim of Jason Lezak. The last French to swim was Alain Bernard who was still cruising to still finish the race in first place but all of a sudden, this guy Jason came ahead and stole the French's first place finish! I literally am screaming due to excitement. I haven't watched swimming competition at the Olympics for how long so it's really exciting and fun for me that i was able to do that again.

So I congratulate the US freestyle relay team for winning. They really deserved it!

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    idealpinkrose said...

    I saw the game last weekend and I can say that they are really good. Btw, thanks for adding my blog to your link..will link you up, too!


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