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Smiling is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too.

Toss this smile along to your friends who brightened up your dayor those whose days you want to brighten up.
Each day is a wonderful reason to celebrate!
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My Favorite Friendship Quote:
"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart." ~ Elizabeth Foley

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We've been busy preparing for Hannah's upcoming dedication on Oct.11, 2008. We decided that Pastor Boni would be the pastor on her dedication and it would just be on the house. We hired a cook to do all the food preparations and also last Sunday after service, we already ordered invitations for her dedication. This weekend we would scout for (affordable)tables and chairs, balloons, tarpaulin and cake. I would want this occasion to be just family and friends but since it's in our subdivision it's really hard to ignore the neighbors.

Another thing that's hard to decide is how much to spend since we have a limited budget only. That's why we decided to do this on the house and not on the resto or hire a catering, I think what's important is that Hannah would soon be welcomed into the Christian world and we would be able to spend it with our loved ones.

Last Saturday, we had an appoinment at The Picture Company for a series of photo shoots of Hannah. I really wanted her shots taken on a studio by a professional photographer and my husband and I really did not regret doing so. Look at some of Hannah's oh-so-adorable pics taken by Japs, the ever dependable, approachable and very patient photographer of Hannah. We will definitely come back again for another shoot, next time with me, my husband and Hannah.
with sunflowers all over

Hannah as a bouquet of flowers

on a basket...

For a complete set of Hannah's pics, click here: My Flickr

Hi! I just wanna share with you this funny video my friend sent me awhile ago. Pay close attention to the kid wearing blue! He is so stressed... HA HA HA!!!

This weekend was a pretty busy one for me coz last Saturday we went to SM Mall of Asia and then yesterday we were at Festival Mall. Actually it was really seldom that I get to go to the city(we were here at Cavite) so once in awhile when there's a time(like this)we grab this opportunity to go malling besides the usual(and boring) Robinson's Imus and SM Bacoor. Yesterday was a pretty special one coz it was Hannah's first time to go to the church and our family's(me, my hubbay and Hannah)first time to go malling together. Take a look at some of our pics last Saturday and Sunday...

At seaside...

Outside MOA(there are plenty of exercise equipment there)

Festival Mall

Had our lunch at Ramen Tei(we had Katsudon which was really delicious!

At Pixie Forest...

I'd like to thank Hannah and Jhelea for this wonderful award! I was so touched by this so I can't thank them enough for remembering to add me!

So here's my list of my favorite blogs to visit(in no particular order). I always try to visit their blogs to get updates and everytime I visit their blogs, I always have a good time reading their posts. So go, check out their blogs as well, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay there as well!






Lisa Lowrey



Hey! I've got nothing much to blog right now so I'll just leave you with a smile from my daughter, Hannah! I hope it would somehow gave you a smile just seein' her so happy. I'm still quite busy with a lot of things so I really thank you all for checkin' me out once in awhile. Take care!

We just celebrated Hannah’s 2nd monthsary as well as my birthday(which will actually takes place tomorrow). We had some food, cake and ice cream and it’s basically just a family affair. Here are some of our pics...

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