We went at SM Bacoor last Sunday(after the service) with the kids(except Hannah) to buy them halloween costumes for the Halloween Trick or Treat event for the kids at Festival Supermall this Friday.

Dianne bought my nephew Adriel a Lil' Devil costume while I bought Jerome a knights costume with sword and Hannah a fairie costume. There were lots people at Toy Kingdom particularly the kids and their parents, trying to find the perfect costume for their child to wear. I had a hard time finding Hannah a costume since she's very small and nothing fits her. So we went at SM Dept. Store and there I found a very cute fairie costume for only P350! I fitted her the costume as soon as we arrived on the house and it was really beautiful on her! Now I'm more excited for my baby on Friday!

I just reset my Dneero survey to Misc. Survey 1 since dneero already paid me for answering their surveys for $20! It's almost a year since I started answering their surveys. The process is, in order for you to get paid you need to answer surveys and you'll get paid per impression until you reach $20. So to get enough payment you must answer all the conversations there.

The thing is, although I'm happy that I already got paid it's still not enough. I feel that I can make more money online if I put my whole heart in it. It's just a lot of work to do and I just thought I still don't have much time to devote myself to it but I am willing to learn the ropes and strategies on becoming successful. I just don't know when I will be ready to give myself the time and effort in logging online and learn. The other reason why I have apprehensions is that I don't have much opps or tasks received from advertisers that's why I am now lacking interests on pursuing making money online.

I guess what I'll have to do is to have enough determination and positive thinking and learn from the others who have become successful. I really hope I can become one of them.

I've got a new hobby right now which is digital scrapbooking! I've seen a lot of digital scrapbook here on the net and I was jealous coz they are wonderfully made and I hoped that someday I'll be able to do one for myself. I admit that I am not techie person so doing one at Adobe Photoshop was really a challenge for me. I just don’t get it! But I'm really glad that Scrapblog offers free personalized scrapbooks with ready made themes.

All you have to do is upload your pictures from Flickr, Photobucket, Webshots, Picasa, etc… and there you have it! There's a lot of creative elements to choose from for your scrapbook like stickers, backgrounds, frames so it's so fun and so easy to use! You will edit all your scrapbooks on the scrapblog builder, save, publish and share them with your family and friends. I've got samples below that I did. Feel free to comment and leave me a feedback. Thanks!

I was so happy with Hannah's cake last saturday which was a picture cake from Red Ribbon. The cake's flavor was mocha and I got compliments from the guests that the cake was indeed beautifully made. It was also delicious when tasted. I think the amount that I paid for the cake which was P1500 was reasonably priced, what do you think? Anyway look at Hannah's pic and the same pic on the cake which was edible.

At last, Hannah's dedication was already finished and took place at our very own home here in Cavite. It also served as a despedida for my husband since he will leave 3 days later(he already did left earlier this day).

We all have a good time, most of those invited came and we were very happy that the guests are happy leaving with their stomaches full and seeing how happy Hannah was on that day.

Pastor Boni did the officiating, the ceremony itself was brief but memorable. Anyway, I'd like to share you Hannah's pic on that day, look how beautiful she was! By the way, the one holding her was my Tita Inday.

Me and my husband went at BPI Zapote last friday to buy US Visa application form for my cousins but was disappointed to know that their system was down and that means we would not be able to pay for it. The teller suggested for us to wait a little more since we were already there. So we decided to wait for another 30 minutes.

A BPI employee then approached us if we already have a BPI account since they are giving away free Globe simcard to promote their BPI 24/7 banking thru online,phone and mobile. Through your cellphone, internet or landline you can do your transactions wherever and whenever you want.

Since I have a BPI account, I instantly grabbed the opportunity to have a free Globe simcard. The BPI employee helped me with downloading the BPI menu on my phone up to the activation of my enrollment on my ATM card. She then instructed me to wait for the text meassage from BPI containing my MPIN but sad to say up now I haven't received it. Anyway, she said that if I didn't get a text message contaning my MPIN, I should repeat all the steps all over again. Well, I think that's what I have to do now.

I'm currently using my Globe sim, I'm just happy to have a Globe number again coz I've been planning to change my number from Smart to Globe since their roaming is much ok compared to Smart like I can call my husband using my Globe number unlike Smart. Anyway, I hope I can successfully get my MPIN so I can now enjoy the privileges using BPI on my phone.

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