I just can't stop myself from posting this cute pic of Hannah with Jollibbe! It seems that Hannah enjoys the company of Jollibbe that she gave us this wide smile! Such a precious smile that I don't mind seeing everyday...

There's a four week Dance Aerobics class ongoing sponsored by our company which was held every Tuesday at 5PM and me and some of my co-workers took advantage of the free aerobics class so it's been two weeks already that we've been stretching and dancing and basically sweating it all out on this workout! We really had fun every week so I was always looking forward to Tuesdays and since it's already going on for 2 weeks , there's only 2 weeks left for the free aero class :(

I hope I get to do this on a weekly basis. My body really needs an exercise coz I feel that I've gained so much weight. I hope eventhough the aerobics class on our company is soon to end, I get to do this outside but the question is, when and how? The only gym I know which offers aero class near our home has a schedule on Wednesdays(I have work on Weds) every week. And I certainly cannot afford Fitness First or other high end gyms right now. Well I guess what I really need to do is go DIY na lang every morning if that's the case :)

I bought a cake for Hannah last Friday to celebrate her 4th monthsary. It was a chocolate cake from our canteen's concessionaire which was really delicious and tasty! Dianne(my sister) took a pic of me and Hannah with the cake and Hannah looked really cute looking intently at the cake as if she really wanted to grab and eat it!

Then yesterday, I took Hannah to her pedia for another dose of her oral Rotavirus vaccination. After that, I took her to the mall coz I will buy something and she was really mesmerized with all the Christmas decors and lights surrounding the mall!

Later that night, hubby and I chatted at YM and since Hannah had fallen asleep already I just focused the webcam on her and hubby was really happy to see her. I think we just chatted for only 30 mins. since he has to go back to the ship and I was really asleep already.

Wow I didn't realized that it's been 1 year since I started this blog! How time flies! After 233 posts, I managed to maintain this blog although sometimes I was so lazy to update. Anyway, I wish that this blog would go on for years and years although I also wish I could host my own blog soon!

To all my visitors, thanks for checkin' out my blog! Hope I could do the same. I have found many interesting blogs and people too. I learned something at some point in my life reading your blogs. More power to us!

As I've promised, I posted below the pics of the kids who went trick or treat at the Festival Mall last Friday, October 31. It was the first trick or treat for the 3 kids and at the same time for us adults that's why we didn't had a clue as to what to do once we were at the mall. Ninang Cora just told us to bring the kids inside the stores and just say "Trick or Treat" and hand over their baskets, and that's it! They will give candies to the kids.

But we were so pissed coz most of the time the people at the stores doesn't have candies to give to the kids and some said that they will start giving candies at 5PM! We even thought about buying candies ourselves to give to the poor kids coz we want it to be memorable to them(although in reality of course only Jerome will remember it coz Hannah and Adriel are still too young to even remember this occassion). Nevertheless I'm just really annoyed at some of the staff of the stores coz I'm sure they know that many kids will go on Trick or Treat so they must expect that many kids will go to their stores to get candies from them. Anyway, although Adriel and Jerome went home with a few candies, we were happy to celebrate the Halloween with the kids and my family. But next time we won't even bother to go to the Festival Mall for the next Halloween coz the reasons are obvious.

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