There's a four week Dance Aerobics class ongoing sponsored by our company which was held every Tuesday at 5PM and me and some of my co-workers took advantage of the free aerobics class so it's been two weeks already that we've been stretching and dancing and basically sweating it all out on this workout! We really had fun every week so I was always looking forward to Tuesdays and since it's already going on for 2 weeks , there's only 2 weeks left for the free aero class :(

I hope I get to do this on a weekly basis. My body really needs an exercise coz I feel that I've gained so much weight. I hope eventhough the aerobics class on our company is soon to end, I get to do this outside but the question is, when and how? The only gym I know which offers aero class near our home has a schedule on Wednesdays(I have work on Weds) every week. And I certainly cannot afford Fitness First or other high end gyms right now. Well I guess what I really need to do is go DIY na lang every morning if that's the case :)

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