So sorry, I haven't updated much… again! I've been thinking a lot of things at work and at home that I completely forgot that I have blogs to maintain and update regularly. Anyway, here are some of the updates since New Year came.

1. We had a 2 week vacation from work so the first time I reported for work after the New Year I really missed Hannah! oh and by the way, she's already 6months! She's now this big and very cute little girl everybody loves! she's so adorable,huggable..ok i'll stop now.
2. Hannah had her first shot of IPD vaccination last Jan.10 which made her cry coz it was painful.
3. Hannah now eats solid foods and drink juices. She also does CLOSE-OPEN after months of teaching her! I'm one happy mommy when she did that the first time!
4. Adriel celebrated his 2nd Birthday at our house last Saturday. It was all fun and everybody was happy not only coz they went home with a full stomach but pretty much enjoyed the occasion.
5. I'm now preparing for Hannah's 1st birthday! I'm just basically scouting for possible venue, date and other suppliers. Just looking at the internet and saving everything for future references. But I'm positive that Hannah's theme would be Winnie The Pooh! Why? Coz I like Pooh! Although I can see that Hannah also like Barney, but I can't use Barney coz Adriel already had a Barney themed birthday last Saturday.

So that's it! If there are anyone out there(if any) still reading my blog, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Hope I could do the same with your blog. One of this days, I'll just sneak in there and leave a message for you. Byeah...

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    jHeLea said...

    hello 'Te thanks for the update....parang kailan lang Hannah will soon celebrate her 1st birthday

  1. ... on January 21, 2009 at 11:46 AM  
  2. Hapi said...

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  3. ... on January 21, 2009 at 4:16 PM  
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