Haay,at last! I get to taste the coldness of the water on a swimming pool! That was really my plan, that before the summer ends I get to go to any resorts so that I could take Hannah for a swim. I was disappointed that our planned(me and my co-workers)swimming last Holy Week at Water Camp didn't pushed through because some of us had to work(that includes me!). So when my family also planned for an outing I was really excited! Those who came on our family outing were: Nanay, Jam, Niknok, Dianne, Dana, Adriel, Me, Hannah, Tito Toto, Tita Mima, Mitch, Tito Bobby, Kuya Paul, Sha, Tintin, Mel, Nora & Jefzelle. We all had a blast!

This was my 3rd time at Villa Luz Resort in Silang Cavite. Much has been changed on the resort especially their cottages which by the way looked more like a cage than a cottage! But their swmming pools, 2 adult and 1 kiddie pool, are just ok. Their pools are very cold although the largest has the right amount of coldness. The entrance fee for an overnight stay is P110/adult and P70/kids 4 yrs old and above. we were also charged P2000/night for our airconditioned room.

We brought A LOT of food like binagoongan(which I so loved!), fried chicken, adobong baboy, inihaw na liempo, manggang hilaw at hinog, breads, talong, and Jefzelle, my sister's bestfriend also tagged along and brought graham cake! We were all so full! By the time we went home the next day, we were all tired but at the same time very happy coz we get to spend quality time with our loved ones.

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    ROSILIE said...

    You sure had fun sis! And the baby is all grown up!

    Take care! mwa!

  1. ... on April 26, 2009 at 8:06 AM  
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