Wow, what a month of May that is! There's a lot of intrigues and controversies that happened just for this month and I will tackle just a few of those.

1. Candy Pangilinan apologizes over Igorot joke - well I really like Candy as a comedianne but I didn't laughed about this joke that she did. Click HERE for the whole story. Apparently it was just a slip of the tongue which she said was not intentional, but still she must be prepared and careful enough before uttering such words. To think that she made that remark in Baguio which was home of the Igorots! I think she apologized already a couple of times but was too late coz now she has been declared persona non grata in Baguio! Which means she could not set foot on Baguio and all her shows and movies cannot be shown there or something like that. Hmm, I think it's too much but I hope everything would be settled in the future.

2. Alec Baldwin also apologizes - for his mail-order bride joke at The David Letterman Show. I think he joked about getting a Filipina mail-order bride or a Russian one. I don't know about this one. It seems like some of our Filipino people are too sensitive about the jokes foreigners often times referred about us. Remember when the character of Teri Hatcher as Susan of Desperate Housewives said that Filipino doctors aren't real doctors or something like that? How about the British comedy show featuring a Filipina maid which they said was humiliated on the show? This are some events that angered a lot of Filipino community. Are we really melodramatic?

3. Hayden Kho et al Scandal - up to now it's been almost a week that it sort of became a national issue that all of the news reports on TV, radio and newspapers has an update regarding the issue. And would you believe it also now being circulated via pirated dvd's! I don't wanna comment much about this except that Hayden's a loser and should pay for all the shame he had caused to this poor ladies...

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