My birthday preparations for Hannah is almost complete... yehey! I did had fun with the preparations although it was quite hard if you only have a handful of money. I really wanted to give Hannah a nice party since it would be her first birthday so even though I have this very small budget I still went ahead with my plan and so i want to share with you the tasks that I already completed and yet to complete.

CAKE - done( Very affordable cake for P500 only
CUPCAKES - done( Another cheap but yummy cupcakes, 40 cupcakes for P615 only!
VENUE - done, Jollibee
LOOTBAGS - done, bought at Divisoria
GUESTSHEETS - I designed it at Scrapblog then had it printed at Artscow for only $7.99 for 50 5R prints
PHOTO - done, labor only c/o Thor Prod. I won't have any video...
INVITATIONS - already finished the layout. Will be printed c/o my co-worker(his birthday gift to Hannah!)
TARP - also finished the layout. will have it printed in July.
DRESS - bought it at Periwinkle

I brought Hannah at The Picture Company to have her birthday picture taken. Although at first she seemed to enjoy herself, after 5 minutes or so she became bored and started to cry! I've been waiting long enough to have her picture taken so I tried to appease her by giving her toys available at TPC to no avail! But the photographer still had some good shots of Hannah which I'm sharing with you right now. I will use some of this for her invitations and tarp layout. Below are some of her shots...

I have never really put too much pressure on myself with regards on losing weight. I am the type of person to just eat what I want and I don’t really much care about the extra pounds I gained year after year. This year however is different because I feel that this is the largest I've been and it's not really making me feel good at all.

Losing weight was really not a concern for me before coz I really want to eat a lot! I don’t really have this urge to go on a diet and be like this waif thin figures I see on magazines and the internet. But I must admit that deep inside me I hoped that I could wear a two-piece bikini on a beach or wear sexy outfits I see this celebrities are wearing. I also don’t have this self confidence on wearing tighter clothes coz I'm afraid that people will make fun of me for wearing clothes that doesn't fit me.

Reading this article really opened up my senses that if you really want on losing weight it must not be because that's what the society expects or wants from you but because there are other benefits that you will get once you lose that excess pounds. Being overweight has many health risks for both men and women, like diabetes or heart disease. While on the psychological side, an overweight person will more likely feel depressed or unhappy than most normal people with average weight. But those people who lost that gained weight are more happy and feel attractive on themselves and most importantly has been able improve the quality of their life and self worth.

Before, my main reason to lose weight is to be able to wear this sexy clothes and be attractive, there's nothing wrong with that except that it must not be the main reason at all. The main reason should be to be able to live a healthy life and all other benefits will follow, like high self-esteem and feeling of extreme happiness.

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