Last night we went at Sitcom Live Bar at Las Pinas with my balikbayan friend from London Jennette, her husband Romeo & son, CJ and my sister Dianne. We left at our house at about 8:30PM and arrived at 9:30PM. There was still a heavy traffic on the way there to think that it was already midnight! But we hardly noticed the traffic since we were engaged on lots of kwentos from Jennette about their life in London.

We had a blast at Sitcom Bar! The stand-up comedians that night was Onse, Orca, Petite, Ruffa, Ador and I forgot the name of this gay which is the youngest on the group. They had this skit on which they were on a gay beauty pageant where they paraded on swim suits which gave everybody a huge laugh! Personally, my favorite would have to be Onse, coz he was the most energetic of the group and he dances and sings so well! Anyway, here's our pic from last night...

Being on a tropical country like the Philippines, the weather is always hot at around 80 degrees and sometimes it really is very uncomfortable especially if you're outside. The heat is sometimes unbearable to take that you always want to take a shower to refresh yourself. The counterpart of the weather in the Philippines in the US is Arizona and I've heard that it's also hot in there which is comparable to the weather here. But I honestly want to try to live and sample how's life in Arizona is. Weather aside, I've heard of great homes and properties available there. At Scottsdale Fine Properties, there's a variety of homes for purchase or for rent available. How I wish I could come to the US and see all this beautiful properties at Arizona!

My Tita Cleo just informed me that she will send us a balikbayan box which consists of many pasalubongs for us! I am more excited to see the dresses that she gave Hannah. I already saw it via webcam and it was all so cute and beautiful! I hope it could fit Hannah since babies tend to get bigger quickly.

My Ate Cherry also e-mailed me that she bought a bathing suit for Hannah and Dana. I just wondered though when she plans on sending the bathing suits. I am also very excited!

It's always an advantage to have relatives in the US since they always don't forget to give us clothes especially for the kids. My cousin Emma gave Hannah tons of clothes and shoes which Hannah still uses to date. It was very helpful since I don't have to always buy Hannah stuffs since this was freely given to us. Thats' why I'm so thankful for my relatives for the stuffs they always give us!

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I just finished creating a photobook for Hannah last Sunday which contained the various pictures taken last July11(her birthday party). I created it using Artscow, and now i am very excited to see what I've done!

I previously did an 8x8 photobook for Hannah, also from Artscow and it turned out really good so I hope this time it would also turn out nice. I will just have to wait for 2 or 3 weeks before my photobook arrives.

Will post about it after I've received it!

When I was still single, I had this hobby of collecting stamps which I learned from my co-worker. I find satisfaction just by looking at them at my stamp album and for about 3 years I possessed about a hundred stamps which I either bought or swapped from other stamp collectors enthusiasts. I know that there are many types of collectors out there but I was not aware that gold coins are also being collected.

Unlike stamp collecting, gold coins acquired by collectors are very expensive but you could well invest your money buying gold coins. But before investing your hard earned money on gold, you must first learn the in and outs on gold market. Getting information from a reputable gold company can help you get started. I've learned that you can determine the value of the gold coin by its age, condition and the number of coins originally minted. So let's say you have a number of valuable gold coins, that would only mean you're already safe against any economic or currency-based crises. Why? Because as this crises weakens the economy, the price of gold increases, which makes it more valuable.

I am still not very much familiar with gold coin investment but I already has an idea how it works. So if you have the money, I suggest go start investing on gold coins as it is very profitable and stable investment.

Hannah's birthday was already finished almost 2 weeks ago and I am still trying to refresh the happy moments that special day! Though there are many invited guests that didn't showed up, I can still say that the party was very successful mainly because my family were there and most of my friends showed up. Hannah also enjoyed her party although she became sick a few days before her birthday. I will miss planning for her party coz I enjoyed it a lot! Here's our pic together during her birthday party…

This year I'll be turning 37 and I can't believe how time passes by so quickly! I've been noticing nowadays how much I've changed physically(wrinkles included) over the years which made me honestly think if I am really contented with how I look. I think most women my age would seriously consider cosmetic surgery if they have the money. But I think not me, why? I'm just too chicken to go under the knife! But if there's one procedure that I might consider it will be getting a botox injection. Aside from being inexpensive, unlike facelift, I've been hearing a lot of positive feedbacks for botox like smoothening your wrinkles around the areas where it developed which will make you look younger but there are also disadvantages or limitations of botox injection. Your facial capability (like squint or frown) will be limited depending on the type of injection that you get, Your muscles could also get paralyzed if administered improperly so it's very important to seek the help of a professional cosmetic surgeon.

I've seen celebrities which had botox injections, and I can really see how much their appearance improved. I will lie if I say that I don’t envy them at all. I want to get rid of my wrinkles but at the same time I'm afraid to try it. So if you also want to try getting a botox injection, think about it real carefully and pick a qualified surgeon to avoid more serious problems in the future. Who knows, one day I might blog about getting a botox injection here!

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